Burgess urge practices to join the Bunny Base

Elisabetta Mancinelli details the diagnosis and treatment of this uncommon disease in lagomorphs.

Elisabetta Mancinelli | June 17 2019

Burgess Pet Care is searching for bunny recruits as part of an important special-ops mission to improve rabbit welfare in the UK.

The Excel Bunny Base has been created by Burgess to create a safe online community for rabbit owners. Members, also known as special bunny operatives, are able to share their top tips and information on rabbit welfare and ownership in the group to address the key issues facing rabbits ownership in the UK.

The PDSA’s Animal Wellbeing (PAW) 2019 Report found 26 per cent of rabbits aren’t provided hay as their main food source, 25 per cent are kept in inadequate housing and 21 per cent are still feeding harmful muesli foods as part of their rabbits’ main diet.

All discussions in the Excel Bunny Base are fully moderated, so rabbit owners are encouraged to ask questions to other members in the group knowing they’ll be provided with accurate information.

Holly Ackroyd, senior brand manager at Burgess Pet Care said: “Rabbits are one of the UK’s most misunderstood animals and the launch of the Excel Bunny Base is part of our continued commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of these amazing animals by creating an environment where passionate rabbit owners can share their top tips to help others improve the levels of care they are providing for their rabbits.

In addition to supporting the UK’s rabbit owners, Burgess Pet Care has also announced enhanced support for UK rescue centres too following the launch of their Rescue Friends initiative.

Each month, Burgess will ask members of the public on their Facebook page to nominate a rescue centre that they believe deserves a huge donation of free Burgess Pet Care products.

Three rescue centres will be chosen every month and donations will be hand delivered by a member of the Burgess team as thanks for their hard work.

Anyone interested in nominating a rescue centre to be a Burgess Rescue Friend should follow Burgess Pet Care on Facebook. Rabbit owners interested in joining the Excel Bunny Base should search Excel Bunny Base on Facebook.

For more information on Burgess Pet Care, please visit www.burgesspetcare.com